Yes You Can – Wear Leggings To Work

Posted by January 19, 2016 - Things We L@VE

We wear leggings all the time – to the gym, grocery store, etc… but NEVER to work. We were too afraid of the casual nature of the garment, but in fact they can be a nice addition to your work wardrobe, not to mention on those days where you dread your waistband. You do not have to sacrifice your sophistication for comfort… but infact it is all wrapped up into one neat package – the legging. Wearing them with a statement boot and coat can make you feel like a million bucks coming into the office, you will seriously look like a high ranking business official, the secret is all in finding the right shoes. They are the element that can make or break the whole look. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to rock them.




Photos via Popsugar