Xperia Z3 And Our Darling Sabinna Team Up For A Colorful Collaboration

Posted by July 21, 2015 - Austria, Design, HUB, Things We L@VE
Xperia Z3 StadtNomaden by Sabinna_8

You may recognize Sabinna Rachimova from our first fanzine exclusively at HUMANIC, she was our very first survival kit… And it is kind of hard to forget that signature hair. Together, her and her boyfriend created the blog Broken Cookies and worked with us on many articles but have since been taking time to focus on her fashion career. 

She is a very accomplished fashion designer in her own right with her line “Sabinna“, so we always knew she was onto great things. But like a mother, we can’t help but be proud of her when we see some of the cool projects she is working on, like the one she is currently working on with Sony.


With the Urban Nomad project, she has released a cool double pack design comprising of a backpack and smartphone with her own unique design. The project allows creative minds all over Austria and Germany to participate and create a wonderful motif for the two items, so it is a huge honor to be chosen. Everything Sabinna does, she puts a bit of her heart into, and we can tell this project isn’t any different. You can get this combination exclusively at Electronic4you.

234Xperia Z3 StadtNomaden by Sabinna_13