Wrap Skirts – Trend Alert!

Posted by August 8, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Trends

Wrap it up, wrap it up because it’s a TREND ALERT! Wrap skirts are here ready to fall into our fall wardrobe (ha!) and we just love the fact that they can either be combined for the summer or the fall season, how cool is that! We would risk it saying, it is the perfect buy of this month. Wrap skirts are a piece that could be used for many different occasions and it gives you a very wide range of opportunities, from professional to casual outfits.

We really like the feminine touch that skirts in general offer when putting an outfit together, last week we mentioned a similar point when writing about pleated skirts (which we just love btw!). Wrap skirts were (from what we, millennials remember) a 90s thing, hence we are going to rock this trend, as well as we rocked any other 90s fashion tendency, GO US!

Wrap skirts give us many opportunities as we mentioned above, they could either work for an important meeting with clients as it would for a casual urban cocktail evening in the city. Wrap skirts can already be found in different lengths, from mini, going through knee length, ending at long. We specially like wrap skirts that leave most of the leg exposed, it gives it a spicy touch that we think makes it work all the way.

Wrap skirts are slowly taking over the social media fashion channels and this inspires us to show you the highlights and best pieces we found out there. Feel free to let your imagination fly and thinking out of the box for this one, we are sure you will make it work as well as we would after following these ideas.


It’s a wrap (SKIRT) everybody!


Pictures via Pinterest