Winter Getaways: Packing Tips Edition

Posted by December 1, 2016 - Austria, Germany, LIFESTYLE

It is a fact, Winter IS the new summer. Who said you needed a tan, bikinis and flip-flops in your bag to have a dream vacation? What about those charming, beautiful and magical Swiss cottages lost in the middle of the Alps watching the snow fall down the glass window? Or Tuscany in December, anybody? Doesn’t that sound incredible to you? We cannot stop dreaming of the magical winter getaways, where you get to use all those cozy sweaters and cool boots you have carefully chosen to be part of your winter collection.

We have prepared a list of hacks and tips to save you a lot of time while at the airport, packing and unpacking processes.



  1. Book and look for your flights in an incognito browser. This will be the only way of making sure that you are getting the lowest prices. By opening the browsers “secretly”, you are not allowing the browser to save your searches and therefore you will always get the cheaper deals.
  2. Packing shoes smartly is a must. Winter shoes are heavier and bigger to pack, so be smart and pack them with care. Our personal tip would be to pack them in either plastic bags or cheap shower caps you can get from the hotels you visit in other getaways.
  3. Do no wrap gifts. Unfortunately talking from experience, it is not cool when they open every single beautifully wrapped present in your luggage. You are not allowed to wrap them and carry them in your hand luggage for security reasons. Be smart, put them in beautiful paper bags or take the wrapping paper separately to wrap them as soon as you arrive to your destination.
  4. Hairdryer, the eternal doubt when travelling. If you are one of those people who NEED a hairdryer by any means if you do not want to end up looking like Prince at the age of 19, you should keep on reading. You honestly have very little choices, but if you will be staying at a hotel, call them and ask them how they roll with the hair drying phenomenon. If you are planning on staying in a lost cabin in the woods, we would suggest you getting yourself a travel hair dryer. Problem solved.
  5. Make sure you take your most pocketful item. They are SO helpful; the more pockets, the better, you cannot even imagine the type of stuff you can actually fit in there. This point is a total winner when travelling, specially when travelling low-cost, we hear ya.


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