The Most Magical Winter Getaway Destinations In Central Europe

Posted by December 9, 2016 - Austria, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
winter getaway

A winter getaway can be as cool as a summer one, maybe even cooler. The only difference is that you have to apply the layering technic in order to not freeze your teeny toes off, but apart from these tiny details; it can be well fun. We love the fact of heading into the inside of the country or even the mountains and spending a random weekend in the woods in a cottage, it sounds perfect already! Why would you say no to hot chocolate full of marshmallows, lighting a fire while watching the snow fall, cozy outfits and adventures in the snow? Very appealing too to us.

Of course it all depends on where you live at the moment, but every country has a piece of real gold that is so worth a getaway. In the case of Austria, we have what we believe are the most beautiful winter landscapes and corners of Europe. The magical combination of woods, snow, mountains and lakes rub perfection. The good news about this is that you do not need a lot of money to travel and experience this magic. It will do with a train or bus ticket and a few euros in your wallet to book yourself a bed in a local B&B and a few more coins to get yourself the speciality of the place.

In this winter getaway edition, we want to show you the best places you can escape to in the Austrian and the surrounding countries area (and if you are not in the area, you should seriously consider a low cost flight…just saying). So here are what we believe are the most beautiful and worth going to, corners of central Europe. A´right travel lovers…time for packing!


Lake Fuschl in Salzburg, Austria


Tires Village in Südtirol, Italy


Hallstatt in Oberösterreich, Austria


Davos in Switzerland


Foresta di Tarvisio in Udine, Italy


Mariazell in Steiemark, Austria



Pictures via Pinterest, Krautscheid, Tiscover, Mariaut, New Cyprus Magazine