Shopper Of The Season – Who is Mocca?

Posted by June 28, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends
who is mocca

Have you not met our shopper of the season yet? Let us give you some hints…She loves dogs, she rocks the Bohochic style and she believes the Fransen-Look shoes by Humanic should be part of our summer closet collection.

Yes! We are talking about ‚‚Who is Mocca?’’. This Fashion and Lifestyle blogger from Tyrol, Austria shares all her fashion and lifestyle related tips in her barely three years old blog. Verena, who works with a teams of other very successful writers who engage us with their secrets, sees the new 70s style trend by Humanic as a summer must-have.

Exclusively for Trendsylvania, Verena styled her sandals with three different outfits. Have a look at how she owns this trend and takes it to a whole new level by adding some layers and loose garments with fancy colored prints that remind us of the good old 70s.

You can´t believe you have not got these yet? Do not worry a bit, press bellow and buy them now, there is still many summer nights to wear them!











Pictures from Who is Mocca?