White Stan Smith For A Sunday Stroll In LA

Posted by October 24, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
stan smith

Sneakers, my love! I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Do you? Probably not, because everybody owns at least two pairs of them, right? Of course, because they’re comfortable, easy to wear and also so easy to shop. I’ve been chasing my Stan Smiths by Adidas for quite a while and finally found them. Again – in Paris – where else? I’ve been wearing them for almost two years now, hence the used look. But doesn’t it make them look even cooler? At least it tells you that I didn’t just join the white sneakers club a month ago. I got a lot of different variations of Stan Smith: The ones which are totally white (like in the picture), a pair with green details and a pair with velcro strips. Since HUMANIC is always so on point when it comes to fashion, they have a lot of different ones to choose from: I also like these or these a lot.

Today’s one of the first days where it’s kind of cloudy outside. A perfect day to stay home and work on my blog and my Master’s thesis. Oops, I almost forgot about that! I am always thriving for more and I always want to give my best – and of course, I enjoy doing different things at the same time because I don’t want my life to get boring. This can be super stressful but it’s worth it, I really love all of my work and couldn’t imagine to live without it. Speaking about work: Tomorrow I’m booked for a magazine again to shoot and editorial and on Wednesday I’m booked for a big job so I’m already so looking forward to it. Another highlight of my past week was an event where I met Alessandra Ambrosio at her party – she’s designing clothes now too and I got invited to the private launch party together with some other model friends of mine. I also picked a lovely outfit for that evening – a black skinny jeans and cosy knitwear combined with boots. People where wondering about my turtleneck but I love being not actively sexy and showing off what I got so I still enjoyed my look during that night. I even have more news for you this time: Since I’m working so well here and LA makes me kind of happy when it comes to my career, I spontaneously decided to stay longer. I will be back in Austria by the end of November now, so you better get used to seeing more sunny pictures! I wish you a lovely start into the next week and don’t forget to have a look in your closet – if there are no white sneakers, buy some and rock them!

xx from LA,


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