White Lace Shorts And Navy

Posted by June 6, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
White Lace Shorts

I’ve already worn lace dresses or lace shoes, but I haven’t tried wearing lace bottoms yet. And while fully lace pants  or skirts are totally en vogue right now but a bit daring for everyday wear, I decided to approach the trend by wearing bermuda shorts with a lace trim. I took them on vacation but didn’t get to wear them there, since all of my shirts were too long to wear them with the shorts, and the striped longsleeve I brought made the white lace shorts look like fancy pyjamas. (Note to myself: When wearing a shirt with your flowy white lace shorts, make sure it’s either super tight, or dark.)

So if you decide to hop on the lace bandwagon, remember to best pair your lacy companions with something less playful, like a button-down shirt, or something bold and edgy, like a leather jacket. In terms of shirts, opt for simple versions in darker hues to prevent looking like a sleepwalker ;)

In terms of shoes, I think all kinds of flats work out perfectly fine for your lacy daytime look. I opted for dark-blue velvet lace-up flats that match the shade of the shirt perfectly! I love the combo of navy and white (like this variation of my Furla bag) – so maritime and fresh and always looking rather elegant! When it comes to color, sometimes the motto is the more simple the better!


By We Are Stardust