How To Bring Feminine Flair To A Masculine Look – The White Blazer

Posted by March 29, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
white blazer

It’s this time of the year again, when I can finally go out wearing my favorite white blazer, or a beige trench coat and my comfortable Humanic slippers without socks. It’s that time of the year again that I can finally stroll around the city center without freezing and eat a cup of frozen yogurt with strawberry and brownie toppings from my favorite ice cream parlor. In addition to that, cherry blossom trees are all over the city and not only me, but everybody is stopping to snap a picture under them. Spring has sprung. We feel it and breathe it in the air. But hey, we all have been waiting for spring to come, right?

Regarding the photos of this blog post, they were taken in Vienna in front of Kurt Frozen Yogurt. It is a place that I definitely recommend you to stop by when you plan to visit Vienna. It’s a cobblestone alley, close to the main shopping streets  that leads to an English cinema and a very picturesque little square. The morning I visited my favorite ice cream parlor, I was all about extreme comfort and for mornings like this, I tend to rely on a comfortable pair of Humanic slippers that go with just any look. I matched them with a white blazer, which is perfectly structured and slightly oversized, and in my opinion,  should be a must-have piece in anyone’s closet during the springtime. Find the one that fits you and pair it with everything that cheers your mood up or…with just your favorite pair of blue jeans and your favorite Humanic shoes, just like I did. Don’t forget that a white blazer, matched with the right accessorizes, can bring a feminine flair to the sometimes masculine look and create an interesting outfit. 






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By The Viennese Girl, Pictures by Trendsylvania