Cali Vibes With My White Adidas Los Angeles Sneakers

Posted by April 18, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
white adidas sneakers

It’s been such a week for me: Easter is finally over and my stomach is now filled with tons of chocolate because everybody wants to feed the model, remember? For my personal taste, it could have been a bit warmer but at least we had the sun on our side shining the whole weekend, apart from some small clouds in between. About a week ago I went shopping in Vienna and fell in love with these white Adidas sneakers. And guess what, they’re called Los Angeles. White sneakers and me are just the perfect couple, I can never resist buying some because they all still look kinda different. This ones are also perfect for warmer, summery days because they’re made out of mesh which is perfect if you want to have dry feet the whole day.

Last week I’ve detoxed my whole wardrobe and feel a lot more lightweight now. I can just truly recommend you doing the same: You’ll find pieces which will make you so happy again by wearing them but I promise you one thing: You’ll mostly find lots of pieces you haven’t even looked at during the past couple of years. If you want to be an especially good person, go somewhere and donate them, you will make others so happy and it’s one of the best feelings in the world to  be so generous. Detoxing a wardrobe can be very satisfying, believe me. We’re living in a world filled with stuff, but do we really need all of it? I’m not sure. I am currently focusing on having a smaller wardrobe again, keeping my high quality key pieces and working with them since they’re so easy to combine. It could also help to just stick to a certain color palette. As you know, I’m very happy with all my Greys, Whites and Blacks, and if I feel especially fancy I will go for a soft pink or pale blue, I currently also added a soft beige to my wardrobe. The positive thing about having a minimalistic wardrobe is that everything fits together, therefore you’re able to only have less pieces in your closet. I’m still working on having a minimalistic shoe selection as well, but I guess it’s a hard task since shoes are just a different kind of chapter and I can never have enough of them.

I will head to another adventure (even two actually) this week and will keep you posted about it on my Instagram channel (@hollerkat) and also here on Trendsylvania. Have a lovely Tuesday!



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By Hollerkat