When Harry Met Sally – Get The Movie Looks!

Posted by January 3, 2017 - Fashion, Film, LIFESTYLE, Pop Culture, Things We L@VE
When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally… is still one of our all-time favorite movies and a real classic. The long and rocky way from their first meeting until they finally end up together is probably one of the funniest love stories ever! The journey of Harry’s and Sally’s relationship starts back in 1977, when they meet on a drive from Chicago, where they went to college, to New York, where they are both moving to. For the next years their paths are crossing many times and they soon become the best friends, talking about anything and everything but mainly about their failed relationships. Giving (rather bad than good) advice to each other, they finally realize that what they always were looking for, has always been right under their noses. But, as relationships between women and men always are, it is still complicated and it takes until 1989 that they finally find to each other. 

What is almost as iconic as their story, is Sally Albright’s style and the looks that she is wearing in the movie. Taking place within 2 decades that have been very memorable and special in terms of fashion, the characters got to wear some amazing outfits, which we would immediately take over today! This is why we re-created some of Sally’s best look from When Harry Met Sally…, and this way pay tribute to this adorable movie!

Believe us, you will want what she’s having…

When Harry Met Sally

1. Lazzarini Hat 2. Hugo Blazer 3.Pepe Jeans Knitted Jumper 4. Mother Cord Trousers 5. Gamloong Lacing Shoes 6. Lazzarini Gloves


Get The Look Sally

1. Ivy Revel Turtleneck 2. Asos Earrings 3. Boden Culottes 4. Buffalo Ballet Flats 5. Sante Red Nail Polish 6. Falke Tights 


Sally Look

1. Sheggo Cardigan 2. Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt 3. Falke Socks 4. Marc O’Polo Loafers 5. Amazon High Waisted Chino Shorts