What To Wear When You Fly

Posted by November 25, 2014 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE

Traveling is great, but the transition between home and your destination can be quite a hassle, especially if spent on board of planes and running through airports. One concern when you are about to leave for your next journey is often: what should I wear?

Yes, choosing what to wear when you fly is not easy. There are many factors to keep in mind. It is important to travel comfortably, but I am sure that you don’t want to show off a pajamas-inspired outfit once you land. We are here to help you with that! We selected some basic and essential inspiration, and we have a couple of extra rules for you: limit jewelry and anything with a lot of buckles – you will have to take it off at the metal detector anyway -, choose soft materials and never forget a good book.

Slip On Shoes


Comfortable and practical, slip on shoes or moccasins are the best choice for your flight. You can quickly and easily remove them before entering the metal detector, take them off and on for a more comfortable nap on the plane and even run in them not to miss your flight. A must-have for us!

Pat Calvin Leather Slippers, €69,95




It’s like a sweater, a scarf, a cape and a hoodie at the same time; it’s soft, it’s cozy – what else?

Leggings + Sneakers Combo


One of the best parts of sneakers being so in vogue is wearing them on a plane without looking like you just came back from a run. Together with leggings, you are basically reaching the peak of comfort.

Nike Sneakers Kaishirun, €59,95


Casual Gown


If leggings are a no-go or you have a particularly romantic encounter after landing for which you want to look at your best, a comfortable gown is what you need. Flowy, casual and great-looking.

Big Bag


This goes without saying. You are going to need a very big bag for every eventuality. Books, magazines, passport, wallet, tickets, documents, food…make your shopper your survival kit.

DKNY Shopper, €260,00


Extra Scarf

This is an extra tip. Remember to bring an additional scarf (you have plenty of space in your shopper, as we just said ;)) to use as a mini blanket, pillow or layer when the poncho is not enough.

Codello Scarf, €39,95


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