Wedding Trends Of 2016

Posted by April 25, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit, Trends

This year, wedding trends are more romantic than ever. Trends shift a little from year to year, but in 2016 we expect something completely new. While a slight change in wedding parties could be already noticed last year, all the hubbub takes a step further now. Time changed a lot and ceremonies become more and more personal. Alternative weddings of today don’t stick to the old, monotone routines anymore and for a good reason: The day should be something special, special to the bride and the groom. It should be held in THEIR way of how they want to celebrate their love. 

The new wedding trends of 2016 are all about this personal, alternative approaches.  


Having an actual band playing at a wedding is for sure much nicer than booking a DJ. Marching bands bring so much joy because not only the music is wonderful, but they are also funny to watch playing! 



Chocolate or vanilla cream cakes is what the bridal couple usually goes for.  But why not decide upon a cheesecake instead? Or maybe even a savory one? Instead of the after-dessert cheese plate a ‘cake’ made of cheese wheels brings a funny surprise to the guests. 

wedding_trends_cheese (1)


Having a self-service drinks bar is not only nice to look at, it also makes the guests moving around and interact more. Mixing one’s own drink and experimenting with cocktail ingredients is fun and lets the liquids flow… Passing on a bartender also cuts costs ;)



The idea of having a photo booth at the party is funny for the guest. But for the happy couple a more long-lasting idea is to place polaroid or disposable analog cameras on the tables and let the guest take pictures. In addition to having a professional photographer this provides a very personal outcome for a second, individual wedding album or guest book.



Previous wedding trends were all about marrying in the vineyards, having the ceremony on top of a hill with a beautiful view over the landscape. Now we like to celebrate little garden parties, in a familiar surrounding with the banquet held in the grassland, surrounded by trees. 

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Wedding celebrations last long and nobody really wants the day to be over. So why not start earlier? No one ever said that the ceremony can’t be held in the morning, with a fancy brunch afterwards. This way, there is the whole afternoon, evening and night left for drinking, dancing and even more eating!


 Images via VoguePure Wow, My Hotel Wedding, My Wedding, Deer Pearl Flowers