What To Wear When Working From Home To Be More Productive

Posted by February 17, 2015 - We L@VE Shoes

Doing my fair share of blogging and freelance writing I have spent quite a bit of time working from home. Now, the easy solution seems to be stay in pajamas all day. It’s comfortable, easy and seems to break away from the conformity of a 9 to 5 job. But soon the line from where your bed ends and your work begins becomes more and more blurred. It becomes difficult to actually get anything done.

For us, when we get ready in the morning it is an important step to waking up. So, why should you skip it just because you are at the home office? Clothing can change your whole perspective on the day. So, don’t waste the day in drab clothes when you could be so much more productive in something else. These are the working from home essentials we keep handy in the closet just in case.

Dress Shirts







Non-Sweatpants Comfy Pants







And we all know they key to starting the day off right… Slip into the right shoes

The Perfect Pair







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