The Best Travelling Outfits For Your Summer Trip

Posted by July 14, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit
Travelling Outfit

Did you ever realise it usually takes you longer to decide what to wear for travelling than it would to decide on a Monday outfit?

This though, is quite normal since there are many requirements to have in mind while thinking of the perfect travelling outfit. Of course the outfit could be slightly different according to what type of transport you are taking, but these tips should work for most of the travelling transport options.

Here are some tips we recommend you to have in mind while planning your perfect travelling outfit.

  • Wear your most comfortable pieces

They might be many very beautiful pieces in your wardrobe that you would love to wear, but keep your mind cool and think whether it will be comfortable enough to have on for a long amount of hours.

  • Wear layers

Layers are the best fashion trick EVER. This allows you to look fashionable and cool while being ready for every type of temperature. Of course you do not want to wear a crazy amount of layers, since it is not fun to carry stuff around while waiting long boring hours on an airport.

  • Basic pieces

Wear basic pieces, leave your fringe coat or new high-waist jeans for the after travelling days, when you are not about to sit in a minimal uncomfortable sit for hours.

  • Loose, not tight

This is an important point, specially when travelling by plane. Due the altitude, our legs tend to swollen and to avoid this it is important to wear loose clothes that allows us to move freely and don’t create more pressure on our body.


Travelling Outfit Inspirations

Here are some travelling outfit inspirations from Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bündchen amongst other; and what according to us would be a perfect travelling outfit.


The Perfect Travelling Outfit



1.DKNY Tshirt 2. Mango Relaxed Jeans 3. Zara Oversized Jumper 4.Toms Classics 5. Zara Summer Scarf 6. SMH Bag



 Pictures via Pinterest and TheZoeReport