How To Wear Sweatshirts And Not Look Like a Toddler

Posted by April 21, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

Sweatshirts were a smash in the past (and by past we mean 90’s and 00’s past – Age alert right there!). These automatically bring us back to high school or college times (according to your range of millennialism of course). It brings back good and bad memories, but it specially reminds us of how BAD we used to style them and how proud we seemed to be combining them with those terribly tacky (very) low rise jeans without back pockets – ugh!

So like a blast from the past, we came back today to try and fix these bad dreams of ours and convert sweatshirt into good dreams. We basically compiled some awesome looks featuring sweatshirts today in the most majestic ways possible. Please feel free to copy them and fill yourself with inspirations and good combinations.

So after this dose of 90’s inspiration and proof that sweatshirts may look pretty awesome without bringing out the unstylish 17 year-old you, it is now time to show you some pair of shoes that would totally be combinable with such pieces. Remember that is is always recommendable to mix styles, elegant and sporty for example. This will allow your look to be balanced and not too intense. 

Peter Kaiser Jada  /  Lazzarini Sandalette  /  Peter Kaiser Lagos

Images via Pinterest