How To Wear A Slip Dress To A Wedding As A Guest

Posted by July 26, 2016 - Fashion, How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Trends
slip dress

When the revamp of the 90s hit the catwalks some seasons ago, we just knew slip dresses would slip back into the new millenniums fashion collections and trends. Not only have we been able to see shop windows full of these but also directly on street style. So because we are pretty sure you either have one of these dresses at home already or are wishing to finally get one, we totally recommend you to get it, because we bring you good news.

A slip dress could be PERFECT when attending a wedding as a guest!

Yes, the fact that the strips are so thing makes the dress very delicate and elegant, which means it would look just perfect if invited to a summer wedding.

When we get a wedding invitation we usually start panicking about what to wear and how much it is going to cost us. We automatically think of buying a very special and unique garment but we want to show you that you can look as elegant and unique with a simple slip dress.

Slip dresses are now available in many different colours and materials, but when thinking of a wedding we would recommend you to choose shiny material or less casual fabrics. Obviously the colour should depend on the type of wedding and time, but we would suggest sticking to the green and blue palettes if the wedding it held at night and pales, pinks, yellows tones if it is during the day. 

In terms of length, we would suggest sticking to a knee length if the event would be mostly during the day. In the case of a night wedding both lengths could be worn, long or short.

We have collected some inspirations on slip dresses for you to get a better idea of what they can look like. Finally we have put together two ideas on how to get the look for a summer wedding wearing a strap or slip dress. 



Day Wedding

When attending a day wedding it is important to know that there are some basic fashion rules to follow, like for example not wearing white or black within other many rules. So following a pale toned palette is a very smart way to look perfect and in tone. In this look we used a pale pink strap dress with some details on the top part of the garment. These details make the dress much more elegant and less casual. Pale pink can be combined with colours like light brown, dirty white, cream or golds. This outfit would look stunning if your skin is a bit tanned so it contrasts the dress.

1. Mango Strap Dress 2. SMH Clutch 3. Hugo Boss Sandal


Night Wedding

When attending a night or afternoon wedding, darker colours can be introduced into our wedding outfit. We would not suggest wearing black, but darker tones like, dark blue or green would totally fit the occasion. In this case we have chosen an algae green toned dress, which is made of silk and automatically upgrades it into a night gown. We decided to add some black details due to the tone of the dress but it could easily be combined with golds if the dress was to be lighter. 

1. Topshop Strap Dress 2. SMH Clutch 3. Vigneron Sandalette


Pictures via Pinterest, I Love Fashion.