How To Wear Flats As A Short Lady

Posted by May 31, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

Shorter women are often intimidated by wearing flats due to their height. Being short, one has a reasonable excuse to wear high heels but throughout the year this might cause discomfort and enduring pain.

So why go through all that if one just as well can resort to trending flats? The body height really should not be a drawback for the way of dressing. There are some types of flat shoes that are really flattering and becoming, especially fort short ladies.


With their thin laces tied above your ankles they have the advantage of visually stretching the legs and therefore make them appear longer.


suede sandals

GAMLOONG Suede Sandals


Perfect for a breezy spring day or a fresh summer night! Preferably narrow cut and uni-colored, best combined with a short skirt or dress. 


Pointy Ballerinas

The pointy tip optically lengthens the legs and narrows your feet as opposed to round tips that often cut them off visually. 

IMG_3940_zps1m8x2gsesuede flats

HÖGL Suede Flats 

The pointy tip combined with tie-up-laces seemingly extends your legs to the infinite! 



SMH Ballerina Flats

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