How To Wear Combat Heeled Boots

Posted by October 6, 2014 - We L@VE Shoes

When it comes to combat boots there is one thing that comes to our mind…contrast. The most important thing about styling your boots with your favorite clothes is to keep the contrast. As they were manufactured mainly to be worn by soldiers during actual combat or during their training, they are pretty rugged and masculine, so no one ever thought they could become a real women’s trend.

To keep the femininity, match them with light lace dresses, skirts or skinny jeans. Combat boots are a statement piece, and done right the combination leaves a nice feminine-masculine look.

We also like heeled combat boots, with skinny jeans and lovely pastel coats or ponchos… Here are some street style photos for your inspiration and our selection of HUMANIC combat boots that will help you with creating your perfect look…




ALISHA Boots, €140,00



TIMBERLAND Boots, €150,00



S. OLIVER Boots, €99,95



BUFFALO Boots, €99,95



Street style photo courtesy: google images

By Notorious Mag