How To Wear A Button Front Skirt

Posted by July 24, 2015 - Fashion, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes
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One of my favourite materials has to be denim. It’s so versatile and wearing denim goes far beyond just wearing a pair of jeans.

Be it denim shirts, shorts, dresses or jackets – you name it, I got it. One thing that was missing from my closet for ages though was a denim skirt. I remember the last one I owned was a dark blue one from Levis, what I don’t remember is why I got rid of it. Anyways, I set my mind on getting one asap, and so I did.

Button front skirts are the new big thing, and I absolutely appreciate this trend – so when this style and denim team up, it’s love at first sight for me! 

I paired my skirt from Topshop with a striped lace up shirt and a black bandana worn as a necktie. That style somehow reminds me of a venetian Goldoliere, so it’s perfect for my vacation-craving heart!

To round up the outfit, I added my Rockstud flats and oversized sunnies by Céline, both in a nude-pinkish hue, very modest colourwise but both stand-out pieces in terms of shape.

So now, I’m strolling around town, singing “O sole mio” (only internally, of course…) and counting the hours until Saturday morning, when it’s finally time for the Mister and me to jump in the car and head towards Piran for an early birthday weekend. Yay!

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 By: We Are Stardust