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I’m often asked how it is to live in Warsaw and what kind of city it is in general. People usually see it as a destination not “exotic” enough to spend a vacation here and too unknown to come here for a weekend.

Bored with Paris, London and Rome? I know.. it’s impossible to get bored with them ;) But if you’re looking for a new spot, Warsaw is the place to be!I’ll prove that to you, you’ll see!

But before that, let me introduce myself:

Name: Kasia (polish version of old good Kate)

Surname: Borkowska (I trust you are not a stalker!)

City: Warsaw

Occupation: good question!

Age: who cares..

Description: very Warsaw Creative. – And here we’re going back to that occupation question mark!


Imagine a typical day after finishing your studies and being paralyzed by the vision of an adult life. Of course probably (just like me) you are a lucky graduate of the humanities (read: get ready for being unemployed). Deciding what you want seems to be the easiest thing on Earth. Well, it isn’t.

After a year of having different jobs (as a stylist, designers’ manager, coordinator of the fashion festivals etc.) I have forced myself to literally sit with a piece of paper and make a list of the companies I want to work with. I knew it would be something connected with fashion and organization. Let’s face it: I’m not a model, not a designer (I can only draw a tree) and definitely not a stylist (I have tried so I – and few poor people – know that for sure). The company I put in the 2nd place on my list, made a post on their FB the following day, they were looking a new worker. Tell me this wasn’t a sign! Plus that proves that FB isn’t such waste of time! So I’ve sent in my CV, went for a meeting with the two owners and exactly 3 days after wondering about working for them – I got my desk!


I probably sound like some kind of cheesy “Follow your dreams” guru but what can I say…;)

After that super short digression (wakie, wakie! here comes the interesting part): occupation? A multitasker at the Warsaw Creatives agency. What do we do? We produce fashion campaigns, editorials, and events. We also represent photographers, stylists, makeupist, hair stylist. Basically, we do (and have) everything to make it work!

Not excited yet? OK, if you are a fashion lover let me mention only few models we’ve worked with: Karolina Kurkova, Karlie Kloss, Georgia May Jagger, Bar Refaeli, Freja Beha Erichssen, Emily Di Donato, Hilary Rhoda.

Still nothing?! Here are few of our clients: Vogue (incl. US edition), Vanity Fair, Esquire, L’officiel, The Last Magazine, Jimmy Choo, MAC cosmetics, Tory Burch.

If you STILL feel nothing, please cross out the word “fashion” from the “fashion lover”.. Sorry, you are only a “lover”;)

I love my job and I love showing my city- Warsaw through our work.

In our perfect ( sic! pictures) office we have this sentence on the wall  “Do it with passion or don’t do it at all”.

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Stay tuned for more passion from Warsaw!