Posted by October 13, 2014 - Design, LIFESTYLE

Raise your hand if you own an old fridge at home, which once actually was a magnet castle, but now it’ just a over sized piece of furniture with lack of color? Well, you’re lucky, because we found a way to make it look amazing again! Most of the fridges you see at your friends homes are white. Black. Silver. Ooo, look, your friend owns a yellow one. How cool is he? Prepare yourself to become cooler. And the coolness comes in removable wallpapers. Seriously. Although, not just any type of wallpapers, this one is called Chasing paper. Beside the great palette of¬†interesting patterns, the best thing about them is that they can be cut into manageably sized peel-and-stick panels. Adhesive makes it very easy to adjust and the texture of something between wallpaper and contact paper makes it super wipe-able. Perfect for your kitchen! We still haven’t convinced you? Take a look at this:


And now we’re talking. Take a look how easy it is and upgrade your coolness and coolness of your fridge with this great wallpaper!




By Notorious Mag