How To Walk In These Trends

Posted by March 24, 2015 - Fashion, Trends, We L@VE Shoes

Every time we see something amazing on the runways of the fashion weeks we ask us the question ‘‘Will it make it on the streets? ”. Well, it’s easier than you think, within a few steps we will help you style our favourite trends and make you the queen of street style. From ageless jeans to red-fever, we have picked out for you our three favourite trends from spring 2015. 

The Red Fever! 

Red was all over Paris Fashion week. On the runways and on the streets people went crazy for this powerful color this season. So remember, from now on not only red, passionate lips but a lovely red dress or a characteristic suit. 



1. Trousers Mango 2. Bag Lazzarini 3.Watch Marc Jacobs  4.Shoes Lazzarini 5.Blazer Zara 



Fringes make sure your outfit won’t look boring and you become the eye catcher on every street. They are ageless and it’s really hard to go wrong with them. Either it is just a bag or a long skirt, fringes will make your outfit unforgettable and extraordinary, so go for it ! 



 1. Dress Topshop 2. Jacket Topshop 3. iPhone Case Topshop 4.Sunglasses Topshop 5. Shoes Guess 6.Bag SHM


Jeans Jeans Jeans!

Needless to say, jeans will stay with us forever. We are loving the fact that jeans become more and more elegant. A lovely overall or a simple spring dress out of jeans won’t ever leave your closet so it’s a nice investment as well.  



1.Top Topshop 2.Overall Topshop 3. Shoes Lacoste 4.Glasses Topshop 5.Bag SHM