Venice Vibes

Posted by May 22, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
venice vibes

Yay, summer’s finally here! This week has been intense and I’m still mostly organizing stuff because big news are coming up and I promise that I will tell you more about my future plans soon. The past week I went to Vienna again to have some meetings and guess what, I also met one of my best friends who I know since I’m 10 years old. She’s probably the only one I’m still in close touch, even though it’s been such a long time now that we went to school together. I’ve learned a lot in the past year and one of the most crucial things for me is to stay in touch with your friends, because they’re the ones who motivate you after you suffered, no matter if it’s a broken heart or something related to your job or health. True friends are here for you, always, so appreciate them and show it. I personally like to gift my beloved ones from time to time without a certain purpose because I’m quite sure they’re so surprised that they’re automatically happy and I love making them feel good. Little gestures or presents can mean so much to someone and you don’t even realize how precious they are, they can truly make someones’s day. When I took these pictures I made myself a present as well, because it’s important to appreciate and spoil yourself from time to time too, because I’m sure you deserve it. When I went shopping at HUMANIC I stumbled upon these beauties: The white platforms by Calvin Klein are an eye catcher and just a Must-Have for summer. And now I don’t even need to find an excuse because they truly don’t look like any others of my shoes. Here I’m wearing them with a ripped denim skirt and a cropped Venice sweatshirt which reminds me about sunny California, the place where my life somehow changed last autumn. Talking about Venice: If you ever visit LA, be sure to check it out. Venice has a certain vibe you just have to discover on your own. It’s artsy and open minded, you’ll find a lot of skaters hanging around the skater park there and of course, there’s the beach. I once went to Venice on a cloudy day and the beach was almost empty, what an experience! Wishing you a fresh start into the new week!



By Hollerkat