Velvet Boots And Jeans: It’s A Match!

Posted by December 13, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes
Velvet Boots And Jeans

Boots and jeans, what an exciting combination. Jeans are everyone’s favourite item, that is no surprise, but it can get quite chilly out there, specially in Vienna. So because we know you are not planning on giving up on your jeans this winter, we have found perfect combinations of some very cool jeans with some even cooler boots from Humanic. Boots, like we have already said in other occasions, can twist a look and give it a complete different style. Short, booties, knee-high, no matter which style to choose to go for, boots ARE (and this is a fact) going to look amazing when matched with jeans.

However, if this wasn’t enough fun already, we are about to make this combination idea ten times better by adding some velvet to it. Yes, you read right, velvet! Who does not love velvet? This trend hit our street earlier this year around summer, delighting us with some of the most impressive and beautiful street styles of the summer. The good news is that this trend has jumped from season to season with us and has decided to fill the coldest time of the year with some beautiful velvet shoes and boots.

Okay, lets do a recap then…boots and jeans are just awesome and to top it up we are adding some velvet to whole thing. Sounds like perfection right? Well let us make you fall in love with these amazing velvet boots and jeans combination. We cannot wait to surf through the site and get ourselves a pair of these perfect booties. Here are some of four of our very favourite combinations. Happy jeans and booties matching, kind regards from some serious velvet lovers. 

Vigneron Velvet Pattern Boots / Bershka Bleached Boyfriend Jeans


Högl Blue Velvet Boots / Monki Kimono Jeans

Gamloong Black Velvet Boots / Mango Flare Trumpet Jeans

Vigneron Pattern Velvet Boots / Zara Black Cropped Jeans

Teaser image via Pinterest