Velvet – Your Must-Have Trend For This Fall

Posted by August 26, 2016 - Trends, We L@VE Shoes

It is true, Velvet is SO 90s it is actually crazy, but you should keep an eye on this trend for sure. It is going to hit the streets sooner than you think and unless you start preparing yourself, you will be left out on this one. We have got to admit Velvet is a difficult one. It is very special in every sense, but if it is styled with loved it is a winning outfit.

Velvet has the power of taking us back decades in time, but when styled with a cool and up-to-date pair of jeans, the results are shocking. Are you ready for your fall crush?

We have been spotting some velvet details here and there but the latest ready to wear season was the season when the soft material got its maximum attention. In order to make this trend work, we have to try and forget about the 90s and how we used to combine it back then. The combination of the soft touch and some very cool high jeans for example, could simply not go wrong. Many designers like Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Lacoste, Elie Saab and Miu Miu within others, have already jumped into the Velvet carriage by creating beautiful pieces that will inspire you to fill your wardrobe with some soft touch garments.

Your Velvet Must-Have For This Fall

We have now selected the perfect Velvet style pair of shoes from Humanic for you to run to the stores and get your hands on them. Our Trendsylvania Tip on this one would be to always show some skin while wearing them. This will give you the perfect balance between Velvet and the Fall season. If you decide to go for ankle length Velvet boots, for example; try wearing them with a dress or skirt that will show a bit of skin, for the whole outfit to look perfect and not too heavy or wintery. If you decide to wear this beautiful new pair of black velvet shoes, wear it with some tight jeans that stay slightly above your ankle to give the shoes more importance. We would finish the look with a cool 90s style chocker…we can already hear The prince of Bel Air tuning on the background. WAY TO GO NINETIES!

Gamloong Velvet Black Slipper

Pictures via Pinterest and WGSN