What Kind Of Vacation Person Are You?

Posted by May 18, 2017 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

Vacation season is coming up, which means a lot of ahead planning. Depending on where you go, there are different things and to considers and questions to answer. But wherever you go, one that always comes up first is what to bring to your vacation. It starts with the size of your luggage and goes on to a number of patch strips. Very tricky is also the questions of what shoes to pack. As they need rather much space in your luggage it is advisable to only bring what you will really need. This again depends on the kind of vacation you are taking. So ask yourself the question “What kind of vacation person am I?”. For us, there are four main types to differentiate, each requiring a specific shoe choice. Let us give you our shoe advice for the getaway you are planning:


Beach Vacation


Summer is for relaxing, enjoying the sun and the warmth and of course going to the beach. For you, there’s nothing better than spending your free time at some coast. When hot days turn into long cocktail evenings the perfect shoes that work from day to night are sandals. It’s the perfect occasion to wear the Mexican Ethno Trend!

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Adventure Trip


You are restless, you love to travel around, seeing as much and as many places as possible in a short time and thereby you won’t accept any compromises. The gear you are bringing with you has to be multi-functional because there is no extra space in your backpack for little unnecessities. The shoes you need for that kind of trip should be convenient and light, easy to put on (and off) and comfortable to wear. 

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Hiking Tour


The sporty ones among us, spend their free days in the mountains hiking. Wandering around in the beautiful nature can be a great experience, but it requires not only physical fitness but also the right footwear. If your route allows it, trainers are your companions here. They should anyway fit your feet perfectly and not give you any blisters or hurt. For rougher country, we highly suggest tramping boots!

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City Exploration


Discovering culture, architecture, cute little streets, and cafes and not only getting in touch but diving deep into a foreign city – this is what it means to really explore a new city. Days can get very long when you are strolling around town doing sightseeing. It is not to underestimate that your feet need some support for that. Open shoes won’t work well, but natural materials as cotton or leather do! Opt for slippers, as they are both, comfortable AND chic. 

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