Unseen photos of Marilyn Monroe unveiled in Poland

Posted by July 21, 2014 - Art, Pop Culture

This September, Marilyn Monroe will become the centerpiece of Poland’s first photography museum in Wrocolaw’s Unesco-inscribed Centennial Hall with a unique collection of her yet unveiled photos!


The images were taken by American fashion photographer, Milton H Greene, who captured the likenesses of Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Audrey Hepburn – with photographs of some of these celebrities also included in the Wroclaw collection.

Wroclaw mayor, Rafal Dutkiwicz, thinks it’s a great thing for Polish culture:

“Wroclaw is getting much more international attention; we have many attractions in the city, but at the moment, they are connected to Polish culture and to the previous, German culture”

“In thecase of Marilyn Monroe, she’s one of the most recognized and well-known brands worldwide. And this is something that every city needs to get tourists and visitors.”


With majority of the collection going up for auction, Wroclaw, the fourth-largest city in Poland, won the photographs for 6.4 million zlotys – which was a record bid for any individual lot sold at a Polish auction.

Check out some of the photos here:

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