University Days Call For Cozy Outfits

Posted by November 2, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
University Days

Summer is gone for good, autumn is here, a new university semester has already started. In other words, it’s time for all things cozy. Cozy is the first word that comes to my mind whenever I am looking in the closet for the right outfit before heading out to the university. Because believe me, you don’t want to spend hours sitting in those uncomfortable university chairs wearing an uncomfortable outfit :) Cozy for me means a pair of black leggings and a black long t-shirt matched with a cool pair of sneakers from Humanic, and finished off with a chic winter coat on the top. I chose them as the sneakers that will accompany me throughout this semester. Functional sporty shoes styled with an elegant elongated coat: that is exactly the style I chose to adopt for this winter semester. Or at least until spring returns and my mood changes completely. In addition, I find the grey color of the sneakers easy to match with the colors of the rest of the pieces of the outfit. This is a good alternative idea to black. Plus, you can play with the laces and change the color depending on your mood. Winter days are grey and dark, so feel free to add some color. However, if those sneakers are not your style, then have a look at the Humanic online store. I am pretty sure you will find something that complements your style.

The photos on this blog post were taken in front of the main entrance of the University of Vienna at Schottentor. The main building is actually a very cool building to visit, regardless if you are a student or not. I have been studying Italian philology for some years now. My studies are lasting a bit longer than they are supposed to. But I guess, this is normal when you are doing a hundred things at the same time besides studying, right? Some of the classes that I’m taking are in German, and some in Italian. I do prefer the Italian lessons though. Because it’s easier. None of the lesson is in my mother tongue: Greek. What a pity. 


By The Viennese Girl