A unique makeover of a French hotel by a Graffiti artist

Posted by August 23, 2014 - LIFESTYLE
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The graffiti artist Tilt took on a pretty unusual project: complete creative concept of a France hotel at theĀ Au Vieux Panier in Marseille. His incredible work, alongside two other artists was composed of dividing the room in two equal parts and then covering other half in his style graffiti. That’s how he accomplished that one half of the room remains a stark white and the other features his graffiti work – half of the bed, the sheets and the walls. The idea was to keep every room interesting and fresh, in a collaboration with a team of architects, artists and graphic designers.



Like an every artist, Tilt was amazed by this opportunity:

When Jess the owner of “Au vieux panier” ask me to do that room, I first told her that I wasn’t interested doing just decoration in the room but I wanted to create something that will more like an installation. I thought about it also like a huge canvas where I needed to think about the composition and play with the empty white part of the room to accentuate more the idea of Chaos on the other part.

Check out the final look of the hotel & rooms. We’re sure you will love it!

graffiti3 graffiti4 graffiti5