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Ultimate Painting have their debut self-titled album out today – consisting of ten great songs. Out on the Trouble In Mind label, the London based duo  have set out a well crafted, prosaic ode to the twists and trials behind the veneer of our modern lives. James Hoare on guitar / vocals (Veronica Falls/ The Proper Ornaments) and Jack Cooper on guitar/ vocals (Mazes) live supported by American Jeremy Jay on guitar and another Mazes member, Neil Robinson on drums, deliver a darkly brooding, bitter sweet tonic to the end of summer with the chill of autumnal winds blowing and the melancholic decay of Winter, not far away.

Listen to the record on Spotify below or purchase the LP directly from the band (dearultimatepainting@gmail.com)

James sent me a playlist/ mixtape thing some weeks ago which will certainly make for an interesting listen and he also explained why he chose the tracks.

1 Ode to Billy Joe – Bobbie Gentry
The sparse sound of this song is instantly engaging, coupled with the dark lyrics and the haunting strings. It’s a stone cold classic.

2 Forge your own chains – D.R. Hooker 
A guy I used to live with got me into D.R. Hooker, this track is faultless. Unfortunately the privately pressed LP goes for £1000 so I haven’t been able to buy one.

3 I heard your name – Flamin Groovies
Doing what they do best. Bobby Gillespie’s favourite band.

4 Sleep Walk – Santo and Johnny
Apparently this inspired Peter Green to write Albatross. He did a good job but this is probably better and far more moving. You can picture teenagers in the late fifties driving back from the dance listening to this on the radio.

5 Back in time – R Stevie Moore
He seems like a pretty confusing guy, but with some amazing songs.

6 Warm canto – Embryo
I’m a big fan of jazz inspired Krautrock. This track is over ten minutes but it could go on far longer and you’d never be bored.

7 Explain it to me – Liz Phair
Off Exile in Guyville, this is the track that works the best for me. She should have done more atmospheric songs like this.

8 Listen to me -Buddy Holly
Holly and Petty managed to make the guitar sound like a harp on this recording, you can tell the Pixies listened to it. Holly was far ahead of his contemporaries and for me, on a completely different level.

9 Natsu Nandesu – Happy End
Happy End, clearly justifying their title of “the Japanese Beatles”

10 That’s how I feel – Sun Ra
Sun Ra in his late night lounge phase

11 Who are you – The Twerps
I met these guys while on tour in Australia last year, we partied at their house and talked about Ray Davies for a long time. Tis track has got to be one of the best of the last few years.

12 In a Turkish Town – Ritchie Valens
Ritchie only had time to record a few songs before the crash. I wish he’d been able to do more.

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