The Ultimate Men’s Shoe Guide

Posted by February 6, 2015 - We L@VE Shoes

Men are lucky, they only need a few good pair of shoes to get them through any situation. And a man in a good pair of shoes proves that he takes pride in what he does. But what really defines a good pair of shoes? Well, we have composed a shoe guide to to select pairs that will last you and that you will love forever.

Don’t Be So Square


You should never buy square toed shoes. Period. A more rounded toe will give you a streamlined look to suite the rest of your outfit.

Black to the Basics


A pair of black dress shoes will be your best friend. They will get you through the majority of what you are faced with, whether is be at work or leisure.

Rubber Soled Shoes – It’s a Revolution


Rubber soled shoes are nice because they are great for bad weather and they are great for comfort – they also give you a more casual look when dress shoes are not appropriate.

 Preserve Your Shoes


Buy a classic pair of shoes that will never go out of style and really take care of them. Polish them regularly and when your aren’t wearing them, be sure to use a shoe tree so they keep their shape. You can also protect the soles by applying plastic tabs to the heels.

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By Notorious Mag