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Posted by September 26, 2014 - LIFESTYLE, Videos

Last night was a big night for us! Lots of interesting and beautiful people gathered at Bäckerstraße 4 Art Gallery, for the launch of  HUMANIC‘s trends and fashion platform, All in the spirit of  ’The Movement of Me‘ (the new HUMANIC campaign) this event focused its attention on an amazing dance/painting performance by artist Luis Casanova Sorolla.


Using the campaign slogan, “You Are Extraordinary. Always”, as a guideline, Peruvian artist Luis Casanova Sorolla came up with a performance that consisted of a ballerina with coal on her feet dancing through a canvas, leaving the traces imprinted on it. This performance expressed the core idea and  the whole statement of the campaign.

“Every little thing you do matters.

Each of your actions will create impressions far beyond it’s intention.

Impressions that will not only impact your life, but also everyone else around you.”

The result is an unexpected piece of art that remains to be seen after the dance is over. The impressions that may be reinterpreted by the spectator now.

unnamed (2) unnamed (3) is a collaboration between HUMANICNOTORIOUS MAG, and Guests Bloggers, that features trends, fashion,  accessories, addresses, brands, design, ideas and of course shoes…lots of shoes.  In just one month, the Trendsylvania website has had more than 250.000 visitors!



Mag. Dunja Bacinger Tomaschitz , Managing & Marketing Director at HUMANIC says:

“We present the blogs that we follow , the trends we prefer, things that make us laugh , the people we love , tips and much more. We present our customers with the latest trend highlights of the season and show how to catwalk trends suitable for everyday use implements.”

Trendsylvania has also a printed version, which appears quarterly, and available for free in all HUMANIC stores. Artfully crafted and filled with beautiful illustrations, design details and inspiring quotes, it is a visual odyssey and a little piece of art you’ll want to collect.


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Have a look also at  ‘The Movement of Me’ TV Campaign.

Enjoy the pics from last night evening, and don’t forget to come back for your daily dose of fashion and trends.


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By Notorious Mag