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What style survives when the model doesn’t stop in the same place for more than 5 minutes? What kind of uniform do we have to invent to go into the battlefield between a fork and spaghetti sauce? You could be tempted to say, let them go in jogging pants until their 18th birthday… Forget it, kids are cool, much cooler than fashion and much more stylish than anyone you know, because they are authentic.  Honest, natural, close to nature, simple, trustful, are just some amazing important things that we can learn from kids.

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Close to nature is a trend for this season, with plaid shirts and jeans like mountain men. Let your boy be the real little man from the woods!


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These girls are so smart that they already look like they are at college! Big glasses and a big smile are part of the style. Add a scarf and beanie to this look, and the fall princess is born.

Here you can get the whole school look:


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Girls: ZARA fur waistcoat , RALPH LAUREN Shirt, KUNERT socks, MANGO skirt

Boys: ZARA denim shirt, MANGO jeans, MANGO quilted vest, MANGO scarf

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