Trend Tip: Chelsea Boots!

Posted by January 26, 2016 - We L@VE Shoes

Chelsea boots are the perfect transition boot for the late days of winter. They are the perfect weight that they work both now and in early spring. But first, let’s start with a short history lesson. Chelsea boots are also known as Dealer boots (originally called paddock boots) and were initially made for horse riding. They were spotted first in Victorian times, with a tight-fitting, ankle-high structure. Their recognizable trademark is the elastic that makes them very practical to put on and off, which made them the most desirable shoe of that age. The story continues in 20th century to a group of young artists, film directors, musicians and fashion designers, named the “Chelsea set”, which made “Chelsea” a synonym for a new way of living and dressing. Among others, the paddock “Chelsea” boots were their favorite piece. That’s how the trend was born!

With these boots you can never go wrong, they go well with everything from jeans to suits. It’s a classic choice, just ask the queen of the chelsea boot, Alexa Chung. All that’s left is to choose your favorite!



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