Trend Alert: How To Wear Checks In 2016

Posted by October 20, 2016 - Fashion, How to walk in these trends, Trends

Check items have been in our world for longer than we can remember of. They are an old classic and a total French chic option if we think of them in Black and White or a total English and 4 o’clock tea trademark if we think of them in brown and blue hues. Although we would associate it as “old peoples” clothes as we were younger, we are here today to prove your millennial teenager completely wrong. Some awesome influencers and fashionistas have very smartly brought them back into the game and the outcomes look just SUPERB!

Check garments and patterns have surely developed and we are lucky enough to have them in all types of different colours, material and styles. They are now available in colours, black and white, browns, big and small checks… we honestly cannot believe we haven’t got ourselves a checked item already! The squares option we believe, is a very elegant choice and it would look great for a cool opening event or party full of people, trust us; you will then be THE centre of attention (in a good way of course!).

You are not very convinced yet? No worries, we thought so and that is exactly why we put together a collection of the best ways to wear checked garments in 2016. Before you see the pictures, let us tell you what will happen after seeing how amazing the check garments look. First you will regret having called them grandma clothes back in the 00s and then you will most likely secretly sneak out of your office and run to your closest mall to be the first one to rock the look. Welcome back into the world of check outfits!

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Checks Munchies? 

Just in case you absolutely fell in love with the trend and cannot wait to leave the office, there is a perfect pair of Checks Pepe Jeans Sneakers in the classic White and Black combination from Humanic, that are absolutely perfect to start your checks collection and to combine them with a casual combination. 

Pictures via Pinterest and Vogue