Transitioning Into Fall

Posted by September 4, 2015 - We L@VE Shoes
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I guess it’s finally over. After showing it’s best and hottest side, summer has left the season’s stage for autumn to hopefully bring us warm and sunny days, filled with colourful leaves and golden lights. I’m always looking forward to roasting chestnuts and having a glass of the grape cider “Sturm” with friends, or wandering around the Styrian Weinstraße and eating local delicacies at “Buschenschenken”.

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While I love wearing “proper” fall outfits – I’m talking leather jackets, light wool coats, hats, ankle boots – it’s not always easy to dress right while the seasons are in still in transition. Chinos or jeans, a lightweight shirt or blouse and a cashmere sweater or cardigan are the perfect choice for these days.  I love cashmere, it’s super light but still keeps you really warm, and it’s just so fluffy and comfortable to wear! I recommend washing your cashmere pieces with a special detergent, I use one from The Laundress.

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Colourwise, I prefer muted hues as it gets colder outside. A luscious berry red, dark blue or green, all kinds of camel and fawn, and of course grey and black are my main choices for fall. 

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