TOMMY x GIGI 2017 Collection – Cool, Retro and Chic

Posted by January 23, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

It was only a matter of time before Gigi started conquering fashion from the other side of the catwalk. She has now launched a collection under her name for the one and only Tommy Hilfiger. It is no secret that Hadid has a special crush for the American designers’ pieces and creations, so this was probably her next adventure on the list by the hand of Tommy and we gotta tell ya…it aint that bad at all! Let us take you through her journey and show you how cool it actually looks.

As much as this may surprise you, this is Gigis second collaboration with the brand and there are some pieces that simply made us love the whole thing to bits. According to the official Tommy Hilfiguer site, Gigi was looking for a modern twist on what they call a “California Chic” style collection and honestly, she put it together very smartly. The collection will be available in stores from the 8th of next month and you should probably hurry if you are actually planning on getting a piece of it, because it will probably run out quickly. The collection includes very different materials, fabrics and patterns however, they all manage to fall in together quite nicely. Within the chosen colour palette are some very lively and summery colours like reds, blues and oranges – perfect for the upcoming seasons really!

So, lets keep the chitchat to the minimum and go straight to it. Here are some of the best pieces Gigi Hadid has collaborated with for Tommy Hilfiger. They all have a very retro thing going on that makes us want to fast forward the cold months and jump directly into S/S17 in order to be able to wear these pieces ASAP. Thanks Gigi, you just made us want to chuck our beautiful winter boots out of the window and run around the house like crazy pretending we are going into the spring!

The Collection



Behind The Scenes


Until the collection is out, you can shorten the waiting time by going through these stunning pairs from the current new Tommy Hilfiger collection – they already spread the summery joy, don’t you think?










Images via Tommy Hilfiger and The Impression