‘Tis The Season To Make Your List And Check It Twice

Posted by December 15, 2015 - Things We L@VE

It’s Christmas time, and it is the time of year we all feel a bit like Santa with all of our lists. They help us keep the perfect balance of everything that has to be done throughout the season – not only the presents. It is all too easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. You might not realize how much a handy scrap of paper can serve you if you write everything down and make your list, it will help you find the time to do everything and more and prevent any last minute melt downs. 

Plan an outfit ahead of time – make sure your look is on point but planning out exactly what you want to wear, it will help make sure everything is washed and ironed on time. Nobody likes the last minute realization that what you wanted to wear is still at the dry cleaners. Oh, and you are definitely going to want to have a good pair of shoes – a super girl is nothing if her feet are aching all night. 

Make sure you have presents for everyone – there is nothing more awkward than forgetting about someone for Christmas. Make a list of family members, coworkers, friends, and whoever else has made an impact in your life over the year and be sure to find 

Send cards out - make a list of all those distant relatives you haven’t seen since you were six because we all know it isn’t possible to get everyone a present, but it is still nice to receive a card just to let you know someone is thinking about you.

Grocery shop – plan out what you are planning to cook and go shopping before the 23nd to beat the crowds – and to avoid getting in any fights with people over the last of something. 

Preview Image: sweetmemoirs.com