Time To Treat You Mother Like A Queen – Here’s Your Voucher

Posted by May 10, 2017 - Austria, Germany, How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE

It is time to celebrate mothers’ day and in order to do so, we strongly believe you should make your momma happy by getting her a nice pair of shoes or a nice bag for her to start using this weekend. Good thing Humanic read our mind and launched an awesome discount this week (ha -cheeky!). This week Humanic offers you vouchers of up to 20€ for you to spend this week on their online store.

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If your mother is a bag kind of person, we have selected the three designs that we would totally suggest you to have a look at.

Michael Kors Crossover  /  Kate Gray Clutch  /  Lazzarini Cross Over

However, if your mum is more the shoes-addict kind of person, here is a short selection of the shoes you could fix you eyes on and surprise her with.


Tommy Hilfiger Sandalette  /  Kate Gray Espadrille  /  Kate Gray Sandalette

If you are looking to go crazy with this awesome Humanic voucher and get your mum a full new Spring look, here are some bag and shoes combinations that will make your mothers closet light up in the best way possible.

Tom Taylor Espadrille  /  Kate Gray Shopper

Vigneron Ballerina  /  Michael Kors City Bag

Fraiche Sandals  /  Lazzarini City Bag

Teaser Image via Pinterest