Posted by December 8, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

Oh yes, it’s again a hair post! And again it’s about my very own hair. I did it again and cut them one more time. Now I am a very proud owner of a very, how I find myself, cute and awesome bob. I love the feeling of this new hair do, I actually look younger (was asked for ID to buy alcohol at the super market!) and I feel really fresh. The second after my hair got chopped off I shared it with you guys on my Instagram and Facebook pages. And I got a bunch of compliments and so much love from you, thanks a lot!!


But not all comments were nice and of course there are always these few girls who just don’t like anything and have to add they little word of wisdom to everything. Fair enough, opinions are different, but I actually decided to make a post about my favourite bob haircuts out here. I can’t believe how many awesome looking hair bobs are actually out there and thought that you have to see them too. Maybe some of you are looking for a change or a new look and I am more than happy to help out. I am actually considering now to get one more hair change and to dye the blonde bits into pink. I used to have pastel pink hair parts a million years ago, but now I feel like I need them back again. Maybe it’s the quarter life crisis, who knows.








Anyway if you decide to be brave and follow my steps by getting a hair cut and some colour changes, you should do some research first and decide on how the final result should look like. There are a million possibilities out there. And for extraordinary hair colours I can recommend the brand Manic Panic. They do great colours. Have fun experimenting, lovelies!

By Broken Cookies