Timberland – The Winter Boots That Go With Literally Everything!

Posted by November 18, 2016 - Austria, Germany, How to walk in these trends, We L@VE Shoes

Oh Timberlands, the good old classics. There are no other boots on the market that make us feel so comfortable and feel chic and cool at the same time. No matter what the plan is, Timberlands could work for a snowy weekend, for a casual lunch in the city or even for the office if you are adventurous enough to combine them with style, following our tips.

We are obvious Timberland lovers and we cannot think of a better choice to include in our winter collection. We at Trendsylvania are Timberland fans and we are here today to tell you exactly how to style them in order to make them look amazing no matter what outfit you go for.


Working Business Day

Timberlands for a working busy day, why not? This would go perfectly for a smart casual Friday look and you will still look chic and elegant all at once. The colour of the boots makes the whole outfit have a very casual touch that your colleagues at the office will just love. We chose to combine it with the heels factor to make sure we are creating a strong and feminine look that makes you want to show off your booties.


Zara Floral Grey Dress / Lazzarini Shopper Bag / Timberland Laced Up


Friday After Work Dinner

Fridays are always great days to get yourself a new outfit and rock it like you had owned it for a lifetime. These are the classic Timberland boots that from our point of view, look great with any outfit. No matter how chunky and big they may be, they just look great on every one. Styling them with a black midi dress makes their golden colour stand out and we just love it.


Zara Cat Pattern Dress / SMH Clutch / Timberland Classic Boot


Casual Sunday Brunch

Sunday is for us by far the best day of the week. Sunday allows you to relax and create all at once. You can either choose to stay at home and chill watching some cool movies in a cozy outfit OR (this is where we get excited!) create and combine new outfits for the upcoming week or that same day. We tend to use Sunday for personal creations and we just love the outcomes. However, this outfit right here would just roll perfectly into a Girls Only Sunday Brunch. Sunday Coffee in a chic outfit – perfect!


Bershka Jumpsuit / Hugo Boss Shopper Bag / Timberland Boots


Teaser Image via Pinterest