Timberland: So Much More Than Just A Boot

Posted by April 11, 2016 - Things We L@VE
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Timberland has almost become synonymous with the working boots because they are the best in their class. But they are for so much more than just that, they have become a must-have style piece year round. This is particularly apparent for this Spring and Summer collection, with cute espadrilles, boat shoes, and lace up sneakers. they are definitely going bold and breaking the mold this season with fresh colors and florals to make the perfect carefree and light Spring shoe.

Just as important as the chic style is the versatility of the shoes, they are perfect for everything the season has to throw at you, backed up by Timberland’s legendary quality. They are an all round perfect shoe for the season, and most likely the most comfortable you will put on all year (with no style sacrificed for this level of comfort). It is a dream come true for us, a shoe that can pair with the latest trends this year, without straining our feet at all, can you think of anything better?



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