Trendsylvania – Presented by HUMANIC

Posted by October 1, 2014 - LIFESTYLE, Videos

We speak too much. We explain too much. We worry too much. So turn up your eyes and ears and open yourself to Trendsylvania, the new fanzine by, which was just launched in the Bäckerstarsse Art Gallery in Vienna. Why an Art Gallery? Because an important part of Trendsylvania is “The Movement Of Me” platform, which connects HUMANIC with young artists (nothing new for HUMANIC, who has been a notorious art Mecenas in Austria for decades now).

The first Movement of Me performance was by Luis Casanova Sorolla, a genuine artist based in Vienna and London with peruvian roots, who started with classical painting at the age of 8. Sorola channels dance, music and photography as his main components to capture “visinvisible” Moments. The essence – appealing to all the senses and making something invisible tangible – that’s the Spirit of Trendsylvania. Available in all HUMANIC stores across Europe.

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