All The Things That Make Me Happy

Posted by December 7, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

This week I have a project which has me taking photos around the first district of Vienna. A day in my life looks like this at the moment: I spend many hours outside in the cold, which is not exactly my favorite thing I have to say. I am freezing and need to stop for a while in cafes now and then to treat myself a warm beverage that will bring me back to life. I am not going to show you my work outfit. I am literally wrapped up in layers to insulate my body from the cold and I am afraid that I end up looking not so charming haha. At the end of the day, on my way home, I always stop by the chocolate shop in my neighborhood to buy chocolate with punsch filling. Once I am home, I light the candles, turn on the Xmas lights, put some Xmas music holding the chocolate with punsch filling, all things that make me happy.

That’s the reason why I appreciate get-togethers with friends so much, like the one you see in those photos. I always see them as opportunities to play with outfits and spend time in front of the mirror to find the right outfit, which is a kind of entertainment for me. Things that also make me happy: a pair of black velvet pumps from Humanic matched with my favourite scarf from Accessorize. People who saw the pumps loved them and people who saw the scarf loved it too. This is how I came to the idea to put them together in an outfit. Has this ever happened to you? Being stopped on the road by a stranger who all of a sudden wants to know where you got that scarf or that bag from. Or how flattering it is when friends tell you spontaneously how much they like your shoes from Humanic

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By The Viennese Girl