Cute As A Button: The Shirt Dress

Posted by August 3, 2015 - Fashion, Things We L@VE, Trends, We L@VE Shoes
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We have all been there. Our summer schedule is full and there comes a day when you have no time to change outfits between casual afternoon and fancy evening activities. The dilemma is real but we have three words for you: the shirt dress. The nifty hybrid is airy but tailored, super smart for the city but also coastal-ready for when you’re on vacation. It’s also suitable for date night or casual events and will for sure be the breezy summer companion you love for every adventure. It’s not just a super chic outfit but also very easy to combine with all kinds of gorgeous shoes. How about sandals or flats for a day out and pumps to transform it to a glamorous outfit for when the sun goes down? With the right accessories and the perfect shoe it will be a look as cute as a button – no matter where you go!






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 Photo credit: Harpers Bazaar, Fashionbomb Daily, Metro, What We Are Wearing