Teastories – Let’s Introduce Our New Guestblogger Kat!

Posted by September 5, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting in my Los Angeles apartment’s bed with my laptop, watching the palmtrees on the street and most importantly,  trying to come up with a good way to start my first blog post on Trendsylvania. “My first blog post on Trendsylvania”, I still love how that sounds and trust me, I’m sooo excited to be their newest blogger addition. But who am I? I’ll cut right to the chase:

My name’s Kat (short for Katharina) and if you need to know only one fact about me, then it’s that I am totally passionate about all things fashion, lifestyle and aesthetics in general. And what would be a better way to focus on these things rather than becoming a blogger? Around one year ago, I started my fashion and lifestyle blog Teastories where I show you my latest favorite outfits, my current cravings and tell you about my life as a model.

A few years ago I signed with a model agency in Vienna and started shooting for smaller jobs in Austria. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Information Design (education should always come first!), I decided to give the bigger cities a try. I’m currently placed with international agencies in Paris, Milan and Los Angeles, where I’m enjoying the warm Cali breeze through my window as I’m writing this post. Travelling can be lonely, which is why my boyfriend always comes and visits me on my various stays abroad. When not travelling, our main place to be is beautiful Graz, where we live with our dog Mia, a 2-year old Magyar Vizsla who is my everything. I swear, she sometimes thinks she’s human and has the cutest, derpy little face in the world. At the beginning of next year, I will finish my Master studies in Communcation Design and I’m already curious about what will happen next, blog and model wise.

When blogging about modeling and fashion, I have one big goal: I want to take my followers with me as much as possible and let them be part of my life. My love for fashion developed quite late and working as a model had a huge impact on that. Let me phrase it that way: Being constantly surrounded by perfectly dressed people of the fashion scene really gets to you. It gave me the inspiration and ideas about how I really want to dress and how to express myself through outfits. There are so many different possibilites about what to wear – clothes can change your whole appearance and most importantly, they can make you feel like you want to feel. And that’s what I love about fashion.

I’d describe my style as rather minimalistic, and I think that shows. I’m in love with clean cuts and colors like black, grey and white. You’ll also find a lot of denim pieces in my wardrobe. This nude top by American Apparel ist one of the latest additions to my closet. It’s easy to wear and perfect for the warm weather here in Los Angeles. My new Armani Jeans backpack is so convenient for all the errands I have to run here and much more comfortable than an oversized shopper bag – just what I need for my adventures. Even with summer clothes I love shoes which you can wear the whole year. These black slippers by Alisha are insanely comfortable and I can’t wait to wear them again with skinny jeans and cosy knits when I’ll be back in Austria in November. But let’s not talk about winter already, okay? I don’t care what the meteorologists say, summer’s not over yet.

I’m honestly so glad to meet all of you and hope to catch you next week for another post, can’t wait!

xx from LA


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