Take Back Your Mornings

Posted by November 10, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

One of the sentences that I have heard the most: “I am not a morning person”.

Well, we have to admit it, being a morning person is hard! However, what I recently found out is that this can no longer be an excuse for grumpy faces at 9 am and tiredness all day long. Apparently, there are some (many!) things you can do to become a morning person yourself.

Taking back your mornings will allow you to improve your productivity and overall happiness. The directions are brilliantly explained in this infographic created by Entrepreneur, equipped with all the necessary dos and don’ts. Some of them look pretty tough (alarm clock at 6 am?!), but the results are guaranteed.

Some of my favorites: avoid stress, which can increase negativity; turn off electronic devices before going to bed  (choose a good book instead), cherish family breakfast for a positivity boost.


By Notorious Mag

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