Sweater Season: A Never-Ending Love Story

Posted by November 30, 2016 - Austria, Germany, How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

The sweater season is here, let us officially welcome you into it with a collection of the best sweater trends of late 2016 and early 2017. You will not be able to say you don’t like wearing sweaters after seeing these amazing trends that are already hitting strong. Everybody loves the coziness of the winter and its puffy sweaters and who ever says the opposite is lying, because even we (beach lovers) miss wearing sweaters in the summer. Sweaters can be worn in many different styles and (like boots) they can create a whole story within the outfit.

Sweaters can easily become the point of attention in a look, we strongly believe they play the main role in an outfits, even before the boots. We would shout it from every rooftop in Vienna: WE LOVE SWEATER WEATHER. It is a never-ending love story that we just cannot get enough of. We could actually buy every single sweater piece out there, but we are here today to prevent you (and us to be honest) from doing this and actually buying the most trending sweaters of 2016 and 2017.


Typo Style

We just love any type of typo on anything. We think it automatically makes you look cool, no matter what the rest of the outfit is.



Puffy Knits

The classic puffy and fluffy winter style. No one knits these sweaters better than grandmas and mamas, time to ask them for one for Christmas!




A classic, chic, warm and simple. These work every time, no matter what your bottom piece is. Turtle necks also create a stretch detail that makes your figure slender and thinner. 2×1 wahoo!



Dress Sweater

This is a risky one, but trust us you should SO try it. It can go very right if styled with the appropriate shoes. Just remember to let a little bit of your legs see the light and you will achieve perfection and cozyness in its pure state.



Velvet Touch

So 2016s! There is no question about this one. Go out and get yourself one of these. It is an order!




These have been out there for a while, but we just love the coolness of them and the shapes they can create. We make sure we have at least one of these in our closet every winter.



Pictures via Pinterest