We Support Berlin Fashion Week

Posted by January 26, 2015 - Fashion

Sure, there is a lot we could critique about Berlin Fashion Week - how the fashion isn’t nearly on par with that of London, New York, or Paris, how there aren’t very many A-list celebrities gracing the front rows and how the organization still seems a bit unprofessional – but we are not going to do that, because for us it is hugely important for the German fashion scene and here’s why:

It’s no secret Berlin Fashion Week is not on the same plateau as some of the others, but that is no reason not to go. Right now, Berlin is a small fashion week that is slowly – but surely gaining momentum. It is currently the largest platform for designers in the German speaking area.


And why is it that you don’t hear much about German designers? It could be due to the fact there are no large events for smaller name brands. It is important for them to start somewhere in order for them to build up an international fan base and market.

London is vamping up their fashion weeks with the Made in England campaign, highlighting British brands on this global platform. Berlin Fashion Week definitely has not gotten to that level yet with big name labels, but one day with the support of the public this is a very possible reality.


Vice, had some pretty harsh words ridiculing Berlin fashion week, which we find to be unfair. Sure, it’s a smaller event without big name designers but you have to keep moving forward in order for it to get better in the future.

Instead of trying to tear down this new kid on the block, Vogue is doing what it can to build up local, German design talents by setting up events and covering the shows to shine a spotlight on the work of these young designers to get the attention of the fashion world.


If you want to continue to see German designers making an impression on the international fashion scene and continue to grow in the future – make your way to Berlin for fashion week. It may not be the most glamorous of all fashion fashion weeks, but we promise you’ll have a great time!

By Notorious Mag